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Restaurant Business: Best Payment Method

Charge: A Promise to Be Redeemed Plastic money or the credit card is now growing as the most popular form of monetary exchange. It is convenient and easy to use. It is easy to carry and has a lot of spending power in a small package. Consumers love using it because of the extra perks that come with it, such as airline miles and bonus gifts. On the recipient’s end, money collection is certain, since the responsibility of payment belongs to the credit card company, who carries the burden of ........ Read More

Restaurant Business: How To Write Your Menu

While the recipes seem not to concern the menu, it is very much connected as the operations in the kitchen are triggered by the customer’s orders, which are based on the menu. The recipes will serve as important definitions of what is written on the menu. The recipes are crucial to deliver the items in the menu as consistently as possible. If the chef can't translate the recipe of a particular item simply enough for the cooks to replicate, then it is best to discard the item from the menu no m........ Read More

Restaurant Business: Should You Borrow?

Knowing when to borrow money or secure a loan for your new business. There are countless problems involving money. In fact, there are many individuals and businesses that cater to those in need of financial assistance. Borrowing money however may be tricky especially with the pressure of the conditions set forth by the rules of the contracts involved. The trick is to know when to borrow and with whom to borrow money from. There are various reasons why an individual or a company resorts to ........ Read More

Restaurant Training - This Is Show Business

In today's increasingly competitive hospitality industry, owners and managers are constantly seeking the answer to an important question- How do you recruit, retain, and motivate staff who are responsible for creating a "magical" experience which exceeds your guest's expectations? Some answers may be found by looking to successful companies that are consistently achieving these goals. William Shakespeare wrote, 'All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players'. One company tha........ Read More

Restaurant Business: Cash, Check Or Charge?

How Best to Collect the Tons of Money You Will Earn with Your New Restaurant – Cash, Check or Charge? Perhaps the most exciting part when establishing a restaurant, or any business for that matter, is collecting the money. What is business for but to earn? For some the only concern is the money. Money these days is no longer limited to a single monetary form but different modes as well, which may be called the three big C’s – cash, check, and card or charge. Which is the best mode to e........ Read More

Restaurant Business: The Art Of Menu Writing

The Art of Menu Writing – the Secret to the Overall Success of any Restaurant Among the most consistent fixtures in any decent restaurant are the menus. They are one of the first things that greet you when you enter your favorite eating place as they are usually posted at the entrance or immediately handed to you once you are seated. You read them, use them, and then totally forget about them once the waiter has taken your order. But menus do more than just list what a restaurant can o........ Read More

The Restaurant Business - How To Win

Food is one of the basic necessities of life. You need to eat to survive. For some, it is just that – but for most of us it is more than just survival. Food is a celebration – of being alive, of taste and of our fruits of labor. Although this celebration is most of the time confined in the home kitchen, with the fast-paced world and less time that we have to cook and then to eat – the restaurants serving a wide array of delicious food are increasingly becoming the stop-over for the urbane ........ Read More

Restaurant Business: Thrive In A Specific Location

Finding out if the restaurant will thrive in a specific location is important in ensuring the success of your business. To do this, you must do the following steps in surveying the neighborhood: 1. Do a physical survey of the location. Spend time to view the people in the area. Other factors such as safety, cleanliness, and the like may also be factored in. 2. Check out the competition. Are there similar businesses established in the area? Find out the status of their business. 3. Ge........ Read More

What You Should Know About Starting A Restaurant Business

One of the biggest challenges you will face when starting a restaurant business is the lack of qualified labor. With the growth of the food service industry there is a strong demand for qualified workers in an already diminished labor pool. When starting a restaurant business, it is vital that you develop a comprehensive human resource program. The first step is to compile a job description for each level of employee. This will leave no doubt of what you expect from your employees if you make........ Read More

How To Keep Your Focus In The Restaurant Business

The food service industry caters to a universal need of humans – to be nourished. However, the way food appeals to humans isn't at all universal. Mankind is a diverse group and there isn't one particular operation of food service that could satisfy this diversity. This is one reality that aspirants in the restaurant business find difficulty to accept. Many hopefuls think they can catch everyone, but such efforts end up in failure. They neglect to consider that trying to cater to everyone r........ Read More

The Franchise Restaurant Business: Ups And Downs

It’s really not hard to figure out which franchises are the most successful. You see them advertised on television and on billboards, hear them advertised on the radio, and cannot drive through a shopping center anywhere in the US without passing one or more of them. Not only do you know who they are, you have probably been in some of them so many times that you know exactly what they have to offer. These franchises, in other words, have succeeded wildly in branding their products. What ........ Read More

How To Start A Restaurant Business

First of all you will need to think about the type of restaurant you want to open. Primarily, restaurants are grouped into three categories: quick service or fast food, midscale where you will get a good meal for a good price, and upscale with plenty of charm and fancy cuisine. This will also be dependant upon the type of food you want to serve, and the type of customers frequent the area. One idea is to open an ethnic restaurant such as, Italian, Mexican, French, etc.. You can open an ethnic........ Read More


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