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Ensuring The Success Of Your Restaurant

Ensuring the success of the restaurant industry’s long-term future If you own a restaurant or you’re thinking of operating one, then planning for its long-term future is probably a big concern of yours. Just like any business, the restaurant industry is full of challenges and changes that affect of its' lifespan. To ensure its continued success, a well-thought out plan is definitely a must! The restaurant business needs a market analysis before its set-up and during its operations in the market. The said market analysis would generally tackle various factors in the target market such as: age; gender; occupation; income; and education among others. By identifying these factors, the people running the business will have an idea on how to serve their customers and thrive in competition with other restaurants catering to the same target market. See the previous chapter for in-depth market analysis information. To do forecasts of the restaurant industry’s long term future, it is important to first analyze the current situation of the business. In fact, there is a need to study its operations and various conditions as it progressed from “Day 1” to the present. And this can only be done through assessing and updating the restaurant’s business plan. This is not to be confused with the business plan you created when you were first starting up. A business plan should be updated frequently to insure that you are meeting your goals and objectives. Having a frequently updated business plan will help you chart your progress and make intelligent decisions regarding expansion or any other facet of your business. For starters, it is best to identify the various factors involved:

1. Business summary highlights

2. Company history

3. Analysis of marketing strategies through the years – product, price, place, promotion

4. Detailed comparison of competitors

5. Complete products and services offered and its evolution to what is available at present

6. Sales strategy and forecasts

7. Quality assessment of management and operations

8. Study of financial plan, records of profits and loses, and the like


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