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Dining With The Dead

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An easy to produce play about the death of a family patriarch in a small town reveals secrets and reinvents a family. This wry and witty play is perfect for production companies and reparatory theaters looking for a cost effective, meaningful, and entertaining project to share with their community. Synopsis The death of an philandering family patriarch in a small town reveals secrets and reinvents a family in this wry and witty drama. Joe and Tina are on the brink of divorce when they are summoned home to bury Joe's Dad, Jerry. The old man has died in the arms of a woman who is not his wife, Margaret, and no one is sure how she or the town will handle the scandal. David and Jane, Joe and Tina's teens, have a ring side seat at their parent's first attempt to run a funeral, their grandmother's disgrace, and the evolving battleground that is their parent's marriage. Growing up sure isn't looking easy. Ker, Joe's brother, returns home to bury his homophobic father with his gay lover in tow. This is his family's last chance to accept him for who he is or say goodbye forever. Leslie, scarred by her father's infidelity, had expected to feel nothing but relief at his demise. Instead her grief and rage know no limits. Margaret, ailing matriarch of a dysfunctional family, has lost her husband and any shred of privacy she had left. Drawing her family together will require pulling back the curtain on the life she shared with her husband in this deceptively "Norman Rockwell" small town.

Dining With Dub

RRP $39.95

WAFranklin was born august 2nd 1930. in Abilene Texas. The Great Depression was just in its infancy and about all the memories the people had were about thee Roaring Twenties and Bath Tub Gin. What they invisioned ahead were "Hard Times and Empty Bellies."

In the fall of 1933 the family moved to California. They lovate in Tulare County in about the middle of the San Joaquin Valley. There first home was an abandonded one room "Coke" shack and all they had to eat were wild mustard greens and skillet corn bread cooked over a camp fire. Their next home was in an abandoned chicken farm in the feed storage room.

W A was introduced to the cotten field when he turned 4 years old. Some one in the legislature of California liked children because a bill was passed that stated when you turn 5 you go to school and to make sure the Turant Officer was born to existence to makee sure the aboved happened.

When he turned 5 he had moved to the town of Lindsay into an abandoned grocery store. One day he and his Dad went across the street to get some ice from the ice house and he purposely kicked a dirty old rag that uncovered a hand full of coins. He showed what he had found to his Dad and saw it quickly dissapear in his pocket. Their was more money there than a days wages and would help a lot.

April 7th 1952 W. A. married his wife Helen and together they had three children and they gave them 8 grand children. He retired from the Post Office and decided to write his stories and recipes. The stories aree all true and have not been embellished or added too.

Blood On The Dining-room Floor

RRP $11.95

Shortly after the publication of her bestseller, "The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, "Stein found herself stymied by writer's block. A series of local crimes inspired this attempt to revive her artistry, a droll detective novel in which the central mystery involves rediscovering the path to creativity.


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