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India : A Journey For Food Lovers

RRP $59.95

This book gives you a real taste of one of the world's great cuisines. India has both a well known and much loved repertoire of dishes as well as myriad other exciting recipes.

Join our culinary journey from the snack sellers on the beaches of Mumbai to the rossogalla makers of Kolkata, from the tea gardens of Assam and Munnar to the makers of sweets in Delhi.

Discover the vast array of dishes that make up the cuisine of today's India.

My Favorite Raw Food Recipes Book

RRP $39.99

This is a blank recipe book that has been designed to help people keep a record of the best raw food recipes that they come across or that they create in their daily lives. It is laid out in an easy form with the bulk of the pages being for recipes & the last pages being for keeping a record of useful raw food books & resources. This book would make an excellent gift for a raw foodie or for anyone who loves & appreciates the delights of well made raw food dishes.

Agrobiodiversity Management For Food Security

RRP $257.99

Agrobiodiversity provides most of our food through our interaction with crops and domestic animals. Future global food security is firmly anchored in sound, science-based management of agrobiodiversity. This book presents key concepts of agrobiodiversity management, critically reviewing important current and emerging issues including agricultural development, crop introduction, practical diversity in farming systems, impact of modern crop varieties and GM crops, conservation, climate change, food sovereignty and policies. It also addresses claims and misinformation in the subject based on sound scientific principles. It is suitable for policymakers, researchers in ecology, agricultural science and management.


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