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Winning The Food Fight

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Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver brought his mini-series, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, to Huntington, West Virginia, "the fattest city in America." But long before the small town was on the chef's radar, one pastor had already begun to pray for Huntington's spiritual and physical transformation. Winning the Food Fight is pastor Steve Willis' insider look at the divine timing of Jamie Oliver's visit and a backstage pass to the events that are changing the heart and health of an all- American city. Readers will encounter the stories of real people who have made the connection between spiritual wellness and physical health, and be inspired to begin their own journey toward God-honoring transformation using Pastor Steve's practical, biblical plan.ΓΏ

Microbiology And Technology Of Fermented Foods

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While many food science programs offer courses in the microbiology and processing of fermented foods, no recently published texts exist that fully address the subject. Food fermentation professionals and researchers also have lacked a single book that covers the latest advances in biotechnology, bioprocessing, and microbial genetics, physiology, and taxonomy.<br><p>In <i>Microbiology and Technology of Fermented Foods</i>, Robert Hutkins has written the first text on food fermentation microbiology in a generation. This authoritative volume also serves as a comprehensive and contemporary reference book. A brief history and evolution of microbiology and fermented foods, an overview of microorganisms involved in food fermentations, and their physiological and metabolic properties provide a foundation for the reader. How microorganisms are used to produce fermented foods and the development of a modern starter culture industry are also described. Successive chapters are devoted to the major fermented foods produced around the world with coverage including microbiological and technological features for manufacture of these foods:<br>&#8226; Cultured Dairy Products<br>&#8226; Cheese<br>&#8226; Meat Fermentation<br>&#8226; Fermented Vegetables<br>&#8226; Bread Fermentation<br>&#8226; Beer Fermentation<br>&#8226; Wine Fermentation<br>&#8226; Vinegar Fermentation<br>&#8226; Fermentation of Foods in the Orient<br><p>Examples of industrial processes, key historical events, new discoveries in microbiology, anecdotal materials, case studies, and other key information are highlighted throughout the book. Comprehensively written in a style that encourages critical thinking, <i>Microbiology and Technology of Fermented Foods</i> will appeal to anyone dealing in food fermentation &#8211; students, professors, researchers, and industry professionals.

Sensory And Consumer Research In Food Product Design And Development

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<i>Sensory and Consumer Research in Food Product Design and Development, Second Edition</i> provides both theory and case histories illustrating the types of issues faced by food professionals, the nature of the thinking and the way problems can be solved in a practical format. Aimed toward all aspects of the industry, the book is especially important for those involved in the early stages of development, where there is much business opportunity.<br> <p> The book itself provides the unique perspectives of three leading practitioner professionals in the field, each of whom at once combines an academic and a business perspective. The beginning reader will be introduced to systematic experimentation at the very early stages, to newly emerging methods for knowledge development/data acquisition, and to points of view being used in the food and beverage industries today. The advanced reader will find new ideas here, backed up by illustrative case histories, to provide yet another perspective on commonly encountered problems and their solutions.<br> <p> For the second edition, three groundbreaking new chapters have been added: Databasing the human mind with respect to product features, brands and emotions; Innovating products at the early stage; and &#8220;So what (and how) do I tell my boss and my clients?&#8221; All chapters previously published in the first edition have been selectively re-edited, revised and updated. A bestselling IFT Press book in its first edition, <i>Sensory and Consumer Research in Food Product Design and Development</i> presents, from the business viewpoint, the critical issues faced by sensory analysts, product developers and market researchers in the food and beverage arena.


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