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My Foodie Abc

RRP $14.95

A delightful educational tool that stresses the importance of having a healthy relationship with food, this board book teaches the letters of the alphabet to tots and other gastronomes in training. Stylish and dazzling illustrations that highlight terms such as Kobe beef, pomegranate, ice cream, and farmer's market pair with fun foodie facts to make learning the alphabet easy and enriching. A complete introduction to the alphabet and gastronomical terms, this unique book also includes a pronunciation guide, making it an ideal companion for food aficionados.

A Foodie's Guide To Juice Fasting

RRP $29.99

If a juice-based diet is so healthy, why don't more people do it?

They may think they cannot go without food-or they're afraid to even try.

You can overcome that fear, rejuvenate your body, and rid it of toxins with the tools and strategies offered in this guide to juice fasting.

A guide that provides twenty-one juice recipes to quench your foodie's thirst and heal your body.

Get the answers to important questions, such as: Why is it so important to include a form of fasting into daily life? What steps can reduce reliance on caffeine so you can start juice fasting? What other baby steps will help you juice fast? How should you approach the first three days of your juice fast?

Inspirational quotes from some of history's greatest thinkers support the concept of fasting and will set your mind at ease. Plus, the author's personal experience with juice fasting gives you an insider's perspective on what to expect.

Whether you want to overcome a sickness, feel more energetic, or improve your overall health, you'll move closer to your goal with "A Foodie's Guide to Juice Fasting." "

The Foodie's Guide To The Galley

RRP $13.99

Whether you are taking the island route or you have found that quiet little local getaway where you can drop the hook, the menu can sometimes appear rather dismal. It's easier to plan a cruise where the furthest you will be from a market or a restaurant is an afternoon's boat trip; but really, sailing all day and winding up in some breathtaking, serene setting and dining under the stars can be your five star restaurant. In order to fully appreciate that experience, however, you'll need to make some serious plans for provisioning. In this guide, all of the necessary components for an efficient galley, adequate provisioning, and enjoyable meals for short term or extended cruising are addressed. Also included are some menu suggestions and recipes that are both practical and delicious under most sailing conditions. This guide is primarily geared toward the boater that is relatively new to the world of cruising. It is intended to help take some of the time consuming guess work out of using the galley to its full potential and making the menu planning process less of a challenge. Even though a more seasoned boater may already use diverse and reliable provisions, menus and recipes of their own, the suggestions in this guide may provide some new ideas and inspire him or her to expand upon an already existing repertoire of methods, resources and recipes, as well.


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